Monday, October 17, 2011

Voices Are Heard

I am a greyhound mom.  I am a cat mom.  I have been, until recently, a mutt mom.

I don’t hesitate to lend my voice for GREY2K USA, Stray Rescue of St. Louis, USA Defenders of Greyhounds and numerous others.  And I lend my voice/words to those in England, NZ and Australia who ask.

I care.  Very deeply.  I feel a bit better when I send a letter or sign a petition.  Sometimes I wonder if anyone is listening.  I know, deep down, there are those who do.  Not enough in my mind, but some do.  I witnessed that in Florida.

Today I saw a Facebook post out of Tennessee (my birth state) that validated my meager efforts and the mega-efforts of countless other caring souls.

It was a story about the death of an abused dog.  Bearing the name of Grace.  In an area of Tennessee that typically turns a blind eye to animal abuse (I know, I agree with you and completely do not understand that).  The attorney general’s office press release stated that there have been issued warrants filed against the abuser.

Small baby steps in every effort.  But when it seems absolutely no progress is being made, it actually is.  Too small, too minor for many of us, but it is being made.

And as the numbers of voices grow, the more they will be heard.

I won’t name names, because the list is endless, but the individuals I salute come from the groups listed above.  I throw my little voice in for you.

Gladly.  My pets taught me that.  I thank you all.  And I thank my 4-legged kids.

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