Sunday, October 30, 2011


I experienced a moment of sadness last night.  Pure melancholy.  Missing my huggable Schem and my beautiful Ber. 

I thought about the Christmas tree I always put up.  First ornaments are the pet ornaments.  Cyrus, Sheba, Sasha and Britty.  And now Schemie and Berry.  Very bittersweet.  But always a moment shared with the big boy.

There is no tree now.  Ber used that to nestle in when she was scared (even with it being in a bag).  Last year, their last, I put the threadbare, wire exposed tree up.  It was rather pathetic, more Charlie Brown-ish.  But.  Kid ornaments were up and lights were strung, you would never know it was denuded.

I don’t think not having a tree is an option.  I have never not displayed my kid ornaments.  

Sweet DeeDee?  She wouldn’t touch it and would enjoy the lights.

Craigie Dillon?  He’d have it pulled down and dragged all over the house.  Maybe, this year, I’ll just go with a table top tree.  Just big enough for kid ornaments.

Damage control.

But that’s why we do what we do.  Offer them the best possible life.  A home, love, comfort and unending food (according to Craigie).  And make a holiday a bit of fun and excitement for them.

And make it Dork-proof.

A new year.  A new celebration.  With some incredibly beautiful, lovable greyhounds.

I can live with that.  I can completely live with that. 

Next?  Holiday collars!! :-) 


Pat Kirby said...


I'm thinking of getting Mr. Hound reindeer horns. We tried some on last time we were at Petco and he looked so cute. I expected him to flap them off, but he didn't. (Probably because he was freaking out about other dogs and people.)

Nice posting. A lovely tribute to friends lost and new friends, too.

Nancy said...

Thanks! Never a day passes I don't miss them. But never a day passes that I don't thank them. Without them, I wouldn't be who I am and wouldn't have the next generation.

I've pondered on the idea of antlers for CD. He's such a dork, they would work, except he would rip them in shreds. DeeDee? Nah. I'm hoping I can get her winter coat on her. I think Mr. Hound needs to be a reindeer!! And I must see picks.