Friday, August 19, 2011

Tomorrow Is The Day

Tomorrow I drive 3 ½ hours to the Terre Haute Fairgrounds to meet with the president of USADog and one of their dogs.  Tomorrow I re-meet Craige Dillon.

I met Craigie D when I was looking for a new friend for Schemie. 

Schemie lost his Berry in January.  They walked together, slept by each other and followed each other in the yard.  She left and he was lonely.  Even old folks like friends.  So I contacted my friends at USA Defenders of Greyhounds.  Their profile fit my beliefs and knowing the wondrous Sally prior to a meeting, I took a road trip.  Oh.  For the record.  I am NOT a “road trip” person… 

Craigie D was the second grey I met.  The first being Bronco.  A return the result of a family breakup.  Sounds like Britty and Berry both!  I am guessing Bronco is adopted.  I hope so!  He was a beautiful boy.  But a male.

CD was a male and large.  And when I say large, I mean, uh, pretty not short.  Big.  Friendly, big, exuberant, big, but darn sweet.  However, when he stood on his hind legs and was taller than I, hmmm…  Something my precious macho boy would never tolerate.  Large male would be a bit tough for my old man.

Enter Dee Dee.  I met the Dee and she was a she.  Check one.  Wasn’t into chasing a cat.  Check Two.  Kinda knows the stairs.  Well, I’ll withhold the check on that.  Doesn’t potty in the house, lets me know when she wants out.  She really is precious.  It wasn’t until I got her home that I realized how gorgeous she truly is!   I guess we can say we didn’t pick her on her looks but she is stunning.  Oh.  That was a biased editorial.  Oops.  Anyway…

Dee Bug and Schem became fast friends and when he died suddenly, I got what I call the accusatory looks.  You took him away.  You said you were bringing him home.  You didn’t.  Sadly, I didn’t know he wouldn’t come home.

She’s been sad.  And bored with my working a good portion of the day.  But the sad eyes kill me.  Yes, yes.  Greyhounds have sad, expressive eyes.  Hell, can you blame them?  Racing is not kind.  But, to offer a friend and have him leave.  There is a different sadness.

And so we arrive at tomorrow.  Bronco?  I hope to hell he found his forever home.  I will feel horrid that I did not grab him if he didn’t.  But.  BUT.

Tomorrow, a big, brindle boy is going to be fork-lifted into my jeep and sent on his journey.

To his forever home.  He now has a mom and a sister and a kitty.  Soft beds.  No racing, just chasing squirrels in the yard.  And nothing but love here, CD.  Nothing but love.

Um...please don’t eat my cat, CD…

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