Saturday, July 23, 2011

Back Into The Real World

I spent 2 weeks moping over the loss of my best boy.  I spent one night enraged by an alderman who has the brains of an ant.

Moping as I did, I know there is not just me to care about. 

Smokey needs his meds for his hyper-thyroid, which appear to be working.  I think he’ll live to 30.  Just to make me nuts.  He eats Schemie’s food now (yes, I put some out for him), flies up and down the hallway.  For almost 17, he’s pretty awesome.

Then there is the sweet Dee Dee.  She still doesn’t understand walking up and down stairs, but prefers to leap tall buildings in a single bound.  After the bucking bronco act on her first walk without Schemie, I’ll have to wait for my recruits to come in (thanks Kim and Court!).

So, instead I just revel in her innocence.  And her joy.  And her boundless energy and love.  If I run to the store for 15 minutes, it would appear I left the planet and was never coming home.  Happy little girl.

The joy of the ceiling fan never ceases to make me laugh.  She is completely mesmerized.  And for fun, I’ll turn it up to medium.  Happy breeze and turning things are something awe-inspiring for a needlenose. 

Despite all the sadness over my best baby and all my sweet angels gone, there is the here and now.  And if you have a 4-legged love, you need to be in the here and now.  They need you.  But you need them more.

So silly goose, hog the couch, stare at the ceiling fan.  You’re home forever and you’ll be loved forever.

And I am forever blessed to have them all in my life.  I'm a lucky girl.

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