Saturday, August 20, 2011

Today Was THE Day

World:  Please welcome the most glorious Craige Dillon Weller. 

As much as my heart aches to see Schemie again, today I picked up the new boy.  I wondered if it was the right move.  Would he like Dee Dee?  What about Smokey?

And Dee Dee.  What would she think?

Nervous mom and anxious.

I headed off for Terre Haute with my friend/neighbor/babysitter Kathy to meet up with the wonderful Sally Allen at a Fairgrounds.  I counted on lane closures (typically 3 in IL).  We hit one, cruised at 73 mph (oops) and made it there in 3 hours.  And Sally was delayed and would be an hour late.  Ok.  Time to kill some minutes.

We cruised down 41.  Stopped and bought a memory card for Kathy’s camera.  Then cruised up north on 41.  Consensus is, there is nothing much in Terre Haute to kill time on.

So we sat.  And waited.  Then Kathy said, there she is!!  And sure enough, the “moment” had come.  After greetings, out comes Craigie D (Craige Dillon). 

What a mellow man.  And what a lover!  I melted on the spot.

Load the big boy up (wow, I remember that he was big, but, um, he’s got 2-3” on Dee and she was “big”).  He panted the whole way home, was enthralled at the trucks we passed.  He was great. 

We finally arrived home and the moment of truth was coming.  Would Craigie D and Dee Dee like each other??

I went in the house to greet Dee Dee and let her into the back yard.  Then I let CD in the yard.  So...what did Dee Dee do?  I think she was pretty darn excited.

And Craigie D?  Kinda liking this new life he has...

If there was a question in my mind about this, this was absolutely the right decision.  CD has his forever home and Dee has her new greyhound brother.  She went ballistic when she saw him and he is finally running with her!  Love it!

Dee has gone to bed.  Craigie D is sleeping on a dog bed he only half fits on.  Both are tired pups.  Welcome home Craige Dillon Weller.  Welcome home.

Please adopt.  From whatever rescue you like.  But please adopt.

And for the record.  CD, the previously sleeping precious new greyhound is now attacking ever toy that squeaks.  Guess he's comfy now.  Life is great.


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