Friday, July 15, 2011


Pets enrich our lives in so many ways.  They make us happier people.  They make us healthier people.  They are a special miracle drug, administered in daily doses, many times a day.

They never expect much.  Just kindness and love and basic care (though some of us go a bit overboard there).  Yet they offer everything.  A wondrous, vocal greeting upon coming home, silly antics, comfort and complete, unconditional love.  They are utter joy.

Losing Schemie, I realized that it is not just the humans who suffer the loss.  Pets suffer loss.  I’ve seen this in the past, but it was really brought home with my new greyhound, Dee Dee.  She’s only been here just over a month and there is no routine established yet that she can fall back on.  What routine she was starting to learn just changed.

Schemie was helping teach her it was ok to go outside and run.  That it was ok to go for a walk on a leash.  With him gone, she is a bit lost and confused.

And she picks up on my sadness.  I grieve for my best boy.  But I have learned to do it away from Dee Dee.  She has many lessons ahead and sadness should never be a part of it.

Our beloved companions never spend enough time with us; years are gone in a moment’s notice.  I have a heavy heart over Schemie.  But sweet pleasure in my new grey.  She’s a special little girl and we’ll get her back to where she was before.

Adore your friends with fur.  They are never here long enough.

Dee Dee and Schemie, 06/24/2011

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