Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Best Boy is Home

Today, my best little man came home. 

Best boy.  You always snuggled next to me, or rather on top of me, at night.  And when age prevented you jumping up, you slept next to my bed.  Every night for 15 years.

You had such an incredible joy for life, Schemie.  You were always smiling and always wanting to play.  Always!!  From your younger days when you could return a soccer ball and block it and catch Frisbees, to the twilight days when you wanted them thrown, but would never return.  It was more fun then to just bark at them.

You were such a brave little man.  Your first week here you discovered a bees’ nest.  And you spent the night at Dr. Steinberg’s house so he could watch over you (much to his young son’s displeasure at your all night crying).  You recovered from 2 ACL surgeries with flying colors.  You were too happy to be down for long, weren’t you?

Your one fear was going too far into Torch Lake.  You would wade, but never swim.  Maybe the lab part of the mix was missing that trait.  Silly little man.  The boat and the dock were always safer.

I miss kissing that shiny black head and caressing those soft thick ears.  Hugging that big body.  Having my friend with me, always greeting, always happy, always loving.

Today, my best baby boy came home.  Not his spirit.  His spirit crossed the Bridge and watches over me.  His spirit lives in my heart.  And he is taking care of his sisters for me.

Rest in peace, Schemie.  You always were and will always be loved.

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