Friday, July 1, 2011

Life With A New Greyhound

It has been 6 months since I lost my Berry.  And it has been one month since I brought Dee Dee home.  Those two are like night and day.  Timid, shy Berry and bouncy, friendly Dee Dee.  But what a month it has been.

Life with a new greyhound is a continuous source of amazement and amusement; mostly amusement.

Amazement in the fact that this non-fostered 4 year old pup lets me know when she needs to go out, has never had an accident in the house (knock on wood), understands the word “no” (as in do not follow the cat so closely…) and explores, but won’t attempt the steps to the lower level.  Stairs are not her forte.

And utter amusement at the things she discovers or her reactions to situations. 

One day, lying on the couch (one discovery in and of itself), she suddenly sees the ceiling fan (non-moving) and was transfixed.  So I turned it on low.  She not only continued to stare, but her eyeballs followed the blades.  It was completely hypnotizing to her.  And completely amusing to me.

After one 45 minute trip, alone, to the store this week, I came home to utter abandon from a big black greyhound (this must have been during “awake” time).  Schemie just wagged his tail and checked the bags.  For Dee Dee, maybe I spent a week there?!?  I walked in and was all but mauled.  Wiggles, cries, tailing wagging, jumping and skidding on the hardwood.  Lord, help me if I leave for a weekend.

This morning was the penultimate to date.  It was the discovery of my bed.  Choosing not to waken to the first alarm, I rolled over.  One minute later, a large black bundle of wiggles and licks was on my bed.  I will admit it was a great way to be awakened!

She was so proud of herself.  Until she realized she didn’t know how to get down.  There are no steps, which she understands, and the top sits about 2 ½ feet off the rug-strewn hardwood floor.  Oops!  That was a slight miscalculation on her part.  

She finally did manage a jump and went skidding across the floor, surfing on a rubber-backed rug.  Grace in motion, she is not.  I assumed there would be no more bed in her future after that fiasco.  And I assumed wrong.  As soon as she came back inside, she high-tailed it for the bedroom and launched herself on the bed, wagging her tail (smug little girl).  And she stayed there all day, too afraid to jump down.  Even for food.

Oh, she’s not still there.  With the aid of a lead, she was convinced to jump and scored a perfect 10 on the landing on the rug (with the aid of the lead).  Where is she now?  Just lying on the couch, watching the fan turn…

Beloved Berry, because of you, I have another silly black greyhound.  Never a replacement.  Just an extension of your love.  Thank you, sweet girl.

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