Saturday, June 4, 2011

Week One With Dee Dee

My first week with my “newbie” is almost to a close.  A crazy week.  Learning her personality, her fears (few), her likes (food).  She is an amazing little girl.

Perhaps Dee Dee is not so little.  Rather a miniature horse compared to Berry.  But sweet as pie.

Her personality is coming out to shine now.  She loves her stuffed toys.  She flings them all over the kennel, makes them squeak and cuddles with them.

I was told to kennel her for the first few weeks.  The last 2 days the kennel door was open (screw 2 weeks).  She still will not walk out on her own.  She cries to be lead out.  I did let her sleep in the hallway last night to let her know that was ok.  After a potty break, she went back to her kennel.  Maybe that makes her comfortable right now.  I am hoping with time, she won’t rely on that but the couch or the bed instead.  And I can retire that behemoth until the next one.  Although I may need a bigger one…

Ah, it’s just been one week.  Patience is called for to make her feel all is well.  But I think progress has been made.

Something new I just discovered today is my girl roaches.  In the kennel, but she roaches!  Berry never felt so abandoned that she would do that.  It might have been her age.  I glanced over at Dee Dee and there she was, in all her glory.  My only fear is an unfortunate nickname.  I already started calling her Roach. 

She’s a beautiful addition.  Thank you, Berry, for steering me to the right one.  Amusing, rambunctious and full of love. 

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