Sunday, May 29, 2011

“Newbie” Has Arrived – Princess Dee Dee Weller

I took a trip to Indiana Friday to meet and pick out a new greyhound.  A horrendous trip over, filled with several 1 lane traffic delays on a freeway.  Having had no sleep the night before, I arrived exhausted, but not done.

My niece, her husband and daughters came over for dinner (beyond marvelous) and then a night’s sleep on a couch.

1 ½ hour trip up to Carmel, not enough coffee, I met 3 beautiful greyhounds! 

First was Craigie D.  He is simply gorgeous.  A dark brindle and HUGE.  He stood up on his hind legs when volunteer Katie left and I guarantee you he was taller than I am.  And I’m not short!  Beautiful disposition, beautiful dog.  An awesome one I would bring home in a heartbeat.

Then I met Bronco, whose story I fell in love with because it so resembled Berry’s.  Bronco is another large brindle male.  Given his story, I was expecting a more sorrowful pup.  He was hilarious!!  He barked and barked and barked and bounced and bounced and bounced.  For a 6 ½ year old pup, he was beyond darling.

Then the lone girl was brought in.  She was so sweet and quiet (though I was warned I had not seen the true side of her).  Her name is Dee Dee (registered Speedy Deedee – ick).

Schemie, being Schemie, I thought the girl would be best for now.  So, I adopted Miss Dee Dee from USA DOG. 

And after a long, grueling 5 hour trip home, it was time for the introductions.  Oh boy.  My friends/neighbors came down to meet Dee Dee and hold her while I told Schemie and Smoke I was home. 

Then Dee Dee came in (insert “Jaws” theme).  With help from my neighbor, she made it up the stairs and met Schemie while I held him.  Mutual sniffs and outside they went.  Incredibly better than I ever imagined!  No issues.  Smokey scared her until she smelled his food and went to check it out.  Poor Dee Dee received a face full of hissing feline angst.  Just takes one time.

It was only after making my decision about Dee Dee that I found out she spent one season in FL, although I am not sure if she raced.  But, thankfully, she was with a reputable trainer (there are some).  The following year she was to go to Ebro.  And those who follow know what happened there.  This trainer pulled the dogs and called USA DOG (thank you Sally!!!)

So, Princess Dee Dee has a new embroidered collar ordered, is enjoying the A/C and playing Queen in Waiting.

And today I found out what lay in store.  Who’s the Boss?  First day, I made her mad.  Well.  Don’t pee in my hallway.  She hid under the bushes after I got her outside (hates the word “no”).  She wouldn’t come near me, so I ended up putting her harness on her and lugging that girlie back in (it’s 90 and humid out!!).  Too hot and humid for a black dog.  But God, she’s twice the size of Berry!!!

All is fine here.  She’s snoozing and wags her tail at me.  So maybe it was round one with a stubborn girl to me! 

Oh boy, can’t wait for tomorrow.

Seriously, I adore her more today than when I first met her.  One day?  Ah.  We’ll have many years together.  And I think Berry would approve.  She knows Schemie and me (I wore her memorial pendant yesterday) and she’ll say I did right.  Just be the boss, but good choice, Mommy.

We'll make it right, Angel-girl.  We'll make it right.

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