Saturday, June 11, 2011

Greyhounds - There is Never Just One

I began this blog to honor my beloved greyhound, Berry.  Sweet, timid and full of issues Berry.  I never really thought beyond that.

Living with a rescue is far different than caring about what happens to them.  Living with them teaches you to do more.  Raises the bar.  Do more for us, the soulful eyes tell us.

Ber’s snow picture is my wallpaper.  All I had to do was look into those beautiful brown eyes to know I had to help effect a difference.  Small or large, it really didn’t matter.  What mattered to me was making a change, a change in the racing industry.  Or at least speaking up about it.

The industry is dying.  There are reputable trainers and breeders out there who have no other skills.  Then there are the disreputable.  The Ronnie Williams-type.  Owners bragging about brooding dogs until 10 years of age.  Unfortunately, this list is endless.

Then, there is the list of successes.  The rescues and adoptions.  I live for that and I live such an adoption right now.  And due to one of the great trainers who chose not to send the dogs to Ebro, to him I say Thank You!!

I still honor Berry with this blog.  Because of her, because of her influence in my life, I found myself.

I will continue to write to legislators, continue to speak up and continue to help the greyhounds how I can.

Now I look into Dee Dee’s deep brown soulful eyes.  They tell a story, but they tell a bigger story of love and trust.

For Berry and for Dee Dee (aka Panther Puppy). 

And happy 4th birthday on Monday, Dee Dee!

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