Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Ploy With Dee Dee

I received an email today from the president of USA DOG.  She wanted to know how Dee Dee was doing and questioned why I thought she was shy (I had mentioned this in a prior email she had read).  That is a valid question.

Because it turns out the Dee Bug (I work in IT) is a big faker.  She’s not shy.  She was just uncertain, not knowing if she would be removed as she was from the rescue.  Now that she knows she is not, she’s a spunky, funny girl, with one crazy personality.

When I mentioned I wanted Dee Dee to spend some time elsewhere in the house for a change of pace, Sally suggested shutting the bedroom door while she was outside. 

I think when I was downstairs on the treadmill, Dee Dee read the email.  She apparently had no intention of going out, although she was awake, alert and in need of an outside trip.  It may be time to put a password on my account now.

So it took the lead to get her out tonight.  Really?  You graduated from that, silly girl.  Mom’s do what they have to do.  So while she was out, I shut her bedroom door.

Um, that would be MY bedroom door!  Not her bedroom.

I let her back in and she trotted right up to a closed door.  Wide-eyed, came back out and gave me a look.  Uh, mom-person, fix door.  Nope!

She is now lying on a dog bed in the living room, mesmerized by the bigger TV (wait till she makes downstairs!)  And sniff-testing everything in sight.  There’s a plethora of smells for a needle nose here to explore.

I’ll get this little (no so) couch potato on the couch one of these days!  In the meantime, she’s just hanging.  And secretly sending me messages to open the bedroom door… 

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