Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Lesson Plan for the Upcoming Week(s)

So much progress, yet there appears to be a bit of work.  So I made a lesson plan.

  1. Dee Dee, now that you have discovered the living room and the couch, there is absolutely no reason for you to lie in the bedroom waiting to be invited out.  It’s sweet and touching that you ask (what a good girl), but really not necessary. 

  1. Dee Dee, sweet girl, you must learn how to walk UP steps, not just down.  Leaping up the deck steps is not good.  One day you will skid off the lower landing down the other stairs and hit the brick patio.  You may have big haunches, but the older you get, your leaping skills will suffer.

  1. Smokey, silly, crazy kitty.  Sneaking around the chair and ottoman in the living room to escape Schemie with the sole intent of snuggling with mom needs to be approached with more caution.  Often, there is an even bigger black dog on the couch whose ears really perked and eyes enlarged up when you landed in front of her nose.  Let’s make sure she’s in the bedroom next time.  I’d like you to reach 17.

Yes, that would be weeks (plural).  We’ve conquered thunder and conquered the living room and couch.  We will get there. 

In the meantime, I am forever entertained and blessed.  And I still think she is borderline genius.  Except for freaking herself out, legs flying and landing on the dog bed.  Ah…  Never dull…

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