Sunday, June 19, 2011

Adopt a Pet

Every pet you bring in to your life brings something unique.  Sheba and Sasha were snuggles.  Cyrus was undisciplined (my doing), Smokey is, at almost 17, still anti-social.

Britty was my first “rescue”, taken from a man in the neighborhood who never cared for her.  She was a sweet little girl, but thunderstorms sent her into a tailspin.  Even valium couldn’t calm her.  4 blessed years with her.

Schemie (Bo Schembechler) came to me as a 10 week old puppy.  Smart little boy, aced obedience and was recommended for protection training.  No thanks.  His personality shines.  It was never worth losing.  15 years old now, slower, deafer, and still as marvelous now as he was then.

Then my first greyhound came into my life.  Sweet, shy Berry.  So pretty, so shy, so timid with people.  Her story is long and her past life made her timid.  That didn’t matter to me.  I promised to make her comfortable and keep her safe.  And for 6 wonderful years, we experienced much.  Again, thunderstorms are bad.  Into the bathtub or under the stairs.  But when it wasn’t storming (and when she would deign to come out of the bedroom), loved her stuffed toys and loved her walks. 

It is always heartbreaking to say goodbye as they cross the bridge.  A piece of my heart always goes with them.  I’ve decided hearts regenerate, because despite the devastation I’ve felt over the years, there is always room for one more.

Enter one Dee Dee.  Just short of 4 years old and never been fostered.  And a complete hoot.  Thunderstorms don’t faze her and if she jumps, then the God-awful music channel comes on.  Initial shyness has been replaced with total abandon and joy.  A complete stunner.  And a complete nut.  And despite the abandon with which she approaches life, she will still not leave the bedroom without me inviting her.  She’ll figure it out one day.

For anyone thinking of getting a pet, please adopt.  You will be surprised by the wonderful gift you have given yourself.  The absolute loves of my life.

I have been blessed with all of my rescues.  And will continue to be.  And nothing touches the complete abandon of a pet well loved.

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