Monday, June 20, 2011

Life With Dogs

If you can define a life by the relationship you have with your dogs, I would define mine as quite marvelous.  I’ve been blessed with precious rescues/adoptees.  Without them, it would be quite empty.

It was a wise move to bring Dee Dee home.  She has settled in famously and Schemie finds her “interesting”.  She roaches on the couch, snuggles in her bed and loves to give kisses.

Outside with Schem, he tries to engage her with playing.  She’s not sure yet, but I give him an A for effort.

And that is a tribute to my boy.  My honorary greyhound.  15 years old.  He’s been the best big brother ever to my revolving door of seniors and not-so-seniors.  In his old age, he just rolls with the punches.

The stairs are getting harder and slower.  The inside steps are off limits.  Too many where he loses his footing.  It may not be long before we move down to the family room, since there is a walkout and, therefore, no stairs.  His walks are confined to around the block or up to the park and back.

Heartbreaking to watch your baby grow old, but heartwarming that he is so healthy and happy at this age.

Yes, it was a wise move to bring Dee Dee into my life.  She helped patch one hole in my heart.  Inevitably, there will be another hole.  I hope not for many years, though.  But when it comes, I have one goofy no-so-little greyhound showering me with love.

Life with dogs.  So wonderful and so blessed.

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