Thursday, June 23, 2011

Life With A New Adopted Greyhound

I haven’t had a young pet in my life for many years.  Schemie was the last when I brought him home at 10 weeks of age.  At 15 years now, I don’t remember just how hilarious new kids can be.

Britty was 8 or 9 when I rescued her and Berry was a traumatized 6 1/2 years of age.  No sense of wonder in their lives after the ones they had led.  Tragic in and of itself.  So much of life they were cheated out of.  Making sure their remaining years were something to enjoy was always my goal.
Now, a new and vaguely familiar experience happens.  Dee Dee is showing me, again, just how fun – and funny – someone new to a home can be.  Everything is new.  It’s interesting, or scary or disconcerting.  Each is a new experience for a girl who was never fostered. 

I work from home, so I sit at my computer in the office upstairs and she, typically, lies behind my chair.  The weather has been beautiful, so I opened all the windows for fresh, cool air.

A breeze picked up and the sleeping greyhound’s head picked up, looked at the window, looked at me and looked at the window.  And on it went.

Then a car passes.  Repeat the same sequence. 

I live not far from a major road.  An emergency vehicle drove down that street with a siren blaring.  Ok.  Repeat sequence.

She’s constantly amazed by the things she sees and experiences.  Viewing them through her eyes, it must be very overwhelming and pretty spectacular.  Watching her reactions is endearing, hysterical and touching.

The “wonder years” are precious and priceless.  Never waste those years.  Enjoy them, savor them and treasure them, and your 4 legged, always. 

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