Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy 15th birthday, Schemie!

My baby, Schemie, turned 15 today.  Complete with a specialty birthday cake from Treats Unleashed.

Schemie is not a greyhound.  He’s a lab/shep mix.  BUT, he is an honorary greyhound.

How?  By virtue of taking my Berry into his home and his heart.  A timid, shy greyhound came in, but after an initial “who are you and why are you here” couple of days, they were best buds.  He protected her on walks, watched over her, played with her and kept looking for her after she left us.

And by virtue of welcoming Berry’s foster siblings in for “doggie days” and sharing toys and beds with them.

Schemie came to me at 10 weeks of age.  What an awesome time we’ve had.  Puppy training, where I spent the entire time mopping up your pee; 1 year old obedience training where you excelled; many trips to Grandpa’s cabin on the lake in Michigan; trips to Indiana for Christmas; 2 ACL surgeries. 

Always a loyal brother with my “newest”.  You just learned to adapt.

Baby boy, you take everything like a total champ!  You are just the best ever puppy I ever rescued.  And my last ever puppy.  You just can’t beat perfect!

Oh.  Baby?  I’m going to Uncle Tommy’s tomorrow.  I’ll be home Saturday.  Um, but, well, the thing is, there is another “newest” coming home with me.  A new greyhound.  I have to go to Indiana to get him or her.  Just be your usual big brother awesome boy self.

Happy birthday, Little Man!  You have brought so much joy to my life.

I love you.

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