Sunday, May 8, 2011

Newbie Greyhound

I think Schemie and I need a new friend.  New child for me and a new brother/sister for him.  He just doesn’t know that yet…

I have been pretty set on a female.  Schemie is a bit of a macho man, even at almost 15.

Then I received an email from USA DOG.  A beautiful brindle boy.  6 years.  Officially an “Angel Dog”.  This means he can never be adopted but is a permanent foster.  That makes me sad. 

He was returned after a family “break up”.  Aged 6.  That was Berry’s story.  No fault of hers.  People just let her down.

I hear he’s great with kitties, kids, dogs and humans.  But heartbroken.  I so didn’t need to hear that.  I believe I was called a softie.  Probably quite true.  That’s what made me bring Berry home and never leave.

Maybe Bronco needs a mommy who will never abandon him.

I am looking forward to meeting the greyhounds, but a part of me is scared.  I’ll want to take them all.

I guess I’ll figure it out, but, even if he’s a male, maybe Bronco needs a mommy.

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