Friday, April 8, 2011

What a Week in Greyhound World!

First, there are the bills moving through Florida’s State Senate and House of Representatives (Senate Bill 1594 and House Bill 1145).  With passages of these bills, the casinos will be allowed to “decouple” racing from their menu. 

Under current law, casinos are forced to host x number of races in order to operate gaming.  Odd to me.  Completely against a free market society.

These laws overstate the government’s role in a free market by mandating that an industry support another industry, essentially “sell” its “products” even though that venture is costing the hosting industry millions.  And it costs them millions due to a complete lack of interest.

Many race track owners support the decoupling.  They are tired of losing money.

And now to Iowa.  More good news!  Similar bills are being introduced in Iowa.  For the same reasons.  Track owners, forced to hold x number of races, are losing money.

And both states, Florida and Iowa, are losing millions in tax revenues due to the massive decline in interest in the “sport”.

The only ones complaining are the breeders and trainers who have relied on a state-subsidized existence.  They cry foul after abusing the law for too long.

I hope soon, they can operate as every other business does.  On their own merit, without being spoonfed by states.  If they are lucrative, which I doubt, they’ll continue to exploit the greyhounds.  And if they are not lucrative, welcome to economics/marketing 101.

Biggest winners will be the greyhounds!

And speaking of those beautiful needle noses, there may be a new addition to the family before long.  And Smokey will be so happy.

“Seriously, Mom?  Another freaking dog??  Why?”

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