Friday, March 25, 2011

Crazy Week In Dog World

What a crazy week this last week was in Dog World!  I’m not even sure where to start…

Maybe start with happy tails news out of Florida.

House Bill 1145 passed its first subcommittee with a vote of 14-1.  In my book, that is an overwhelming majority.  In essence, this bill will “decouple” greyhound racing from the tracks.  What it means for track owners is they are no longer REQUIRED to hold the state-mandated minimum races.

These state-shackled racing restrictions have cost many of these tracks millions as interest is waning, income is falling, state taxes are falling and costs are rising.

For the breeders and trainers fighting it, it means they have to survive on their own, the same as any other “business” or “industry”, without being supported by the state.  The bill does not ban racing, merely gives the track owners the right to choose whether or not they wish to hold live racing.

Best happy tails?  The countless greyhounds who will not have to endure life at the track.  For the tracks closing, there are rescue organizations already in preparation.  Happy situation all the way around.

And now to absurd…

Missouri’s Prop B.  A bill is moving through legislature that makes drastic changes to the “Puppy Mill” law.  Initiated by a representative whose own mother owns one said puppy mill.  And it passed the first senate vote.  I have posted ad nauseum on this topic, so you can read someone else’s take on the topic.  Needless to say, I am outraged.  I have not been privy to the modified version, but it makes me wonder, at times, why vote…

Texas.  A bill to regulate puppy mills (anti-cruelty) in Texas is explicitly excluding greyhounds from protection.  Where greyhound breeding occurs, they do not view these gentle, loving souls as companion animals, but classify them along the lines of chickens and pigs. 

Regarding TX (I have already spoken enough about MO), I would dare any of these legislators to meet, or have met, Berry, Stoker, Marian, Sophie, Joe, Cronus, Jessie, the many others I have met and those I know but have not met, and classify them as non-companion animals. 

I think they would beg to differ.

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