Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What A Glorious Day!

Wonderful news in Greyhound World and I am hearing “roos” echoing up around the nation!

Florida’s House Finance and Tax Committee passed House Bill 1145.  This bill lays the groundwork for decoupling racing from the tracks.

Until, hopefully, now, tracks were required to hold a certain number of races in order to operate other gaming ventures.  They were required to hold them even though they were a profit drain and the state’s tax revenue waned.

It makes no sense, fiscally, for the state to continue to mandate that a business continue to support an industry that is dying.

If the adjacent Senate bill passes, then the greyhound breeders will have to operate the same as other businesses.  If you prove profitable for the tracks, you will survive.  If not, then you won’t.

Although stated from a financial aspect, the impact for the greyhounds is even greater.  And for that I rejoice!  I don’t believe the breeders can make their living exploiting the greyhounds when others are not forced to support them.  No more track injuries, no more track-side euthanasia, no more disappearing greyhounds and no more confinement and sadness.

Yes, a happy day.

Never fear!  The breed will never disappear – an often stated argument from the breeders.  There are far too many of us who love these gentle souls. 

They will always have a home here!

Roo on!!  Berry is there with you!

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