Wednesday, April 13, 2011

To Vote Or Not To Vote Next Election

The Missouri House of Representatives has approved a bill to overturn a proposition approved by the voters in November 2010.

85 of the 156 Representatives present voted to overturn and rewrite.  The Proposition was too restrictive?  What was their reasoning?  I have heard comments that the voters didn’t understand the Proposition.

That is the ultimate insult from an elected official.  Perhaps if we were that uneducated, then we were that uneducated enough to elect you in the first place.

I am very saddened that the entire election/voting experience has just been made nothing more than a mockery.

And more saddened that the future of all of these puppies being rescued from squalid conditions may not get respite from those conditions.

Fortunately, the list of who votes how is published.  And saved.  If I vote again.

Sad and pathetic, Missouri.

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