Friday, March 4, 2011

Naples-Ft. Myers Greyhound Track Hosting Celebrity Races

I learned of a greyhound racetrack in the Naples/Ft. Myers area that was promoting a Celebrity Race.  This event features racing greyhounds named after celebrities, at least temporarily.

I have to wonder if these celebs actually endorse this cruel industry or if they are unaware of the use of their names to get patrons to come spend their money - spend their money to be witness to a possible career-ending injury or a life-ending injury.

I will admit to outrage.  I wrote a few letters to a few celebs I have admired in the past.  If these celebs are utilizing this industry to promote their name, they have earned my utter disgust. 

And if they are unaware, then they should be aware their names are being used to promote this industry.

Howie Long, Oprah Winfrey and Will Smith to name a few on the list.

Then reading the first story (link below), I read that Jackie Gleason was a 3-1 favorite.  Jackie Gleason?  To my best recollection, he is no longer with us.  So either his spirit is supporting this industry, or his heirs are supporting this industry?

Or the industry is attempting to capitalize on the celebs to bolster a dying industry.

Yes, the industry is dying.  When the president of Mardis Gras racetrack, Dan Adkins, states “I’ve been in this business my entire life and its dead.”, then it is unequivocally dying.

I welcome its end. 

But I do have to wonder about this “Celebrity Race”.

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