Thursday, March 10, 2011

Missouri’s New Precedent – Puppy Mill Laws

Missouri has just set a new precedent.  Effectively eliminating the need for voters to go to the polls.

In November 2010, the voters passed measures to regulate the puppy mill industry.  Reputable breeders had nothing to fear from them.  Those who are continuously cited and raided should be concerned.

Missouri didn’t capture the title of Puppy Mill Capital of the US for no reason.

Repeatedly, caged, ailing and neglected dogs are seized from these puppy mills, overwhelming the rescue organizations.  They are rescued in deplorable conditions and are rescued in deplorable health.

A proposition was on the ballot to improve the conditions of said puppy mills.  Provide adequate shelter, food and water, among other things.  This proposition passed in the November elections.  Among some of the requirements voted on and approved were:

1) Sufficient food and clean water;
(2) Necessary veterinary care;
(3) Sufficient housing, including protection from the elements;
(4) Sufficient space to turn and stretch freely, lie down, and fully extend his or her limbs;
(5) Regular exercise; and
(6) Adequate rest between breeding cycles.

Today, Missouri’s senators voted to strip the adequate shelter and food, among other things.  The bill still must go to the house for final approval.  I, as a constituent, would love to see this new bill.

I am horrified.  I am outraged.  I am completely disgusted. 

And my poor neighbor, who is a representative, had just received an earful.  Sorry.  But not.  It's for the dogs.

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