Monday, February 28, 2011

FL Governor Scott, Please Take A Stance On Greyhound Racing

When the president of Mardis Gras unequivocally states that the racing industry is done, does that not speak volumes? 

In an on-air interview with CBS Miami’s I-Team, Dan Adkins stated the following:

“Adkins said the sad reality is that the dog racing industry can not be revived.”

““It’s dead,” he declared. “I’ve been in this business my entire life and its dead.””

Added into the mix are the numerous injuries, life-ending injuries, suffered by the greyhounds at the tracks.  Precisely for what reasons were those life-ending injuries endured?  Greed? 

With track attendance at a record low, with states receiving less and less in tax revenue from this heinous “sport”, it’s a liability for the track owners and an embarrassment to the states.

Then, add into the mix the undocumented "disposal" of greyhounds when not adopted. 

And then, add into the mix the atrocities suffered at Ebro, where 37 greyhounds were deliberately starved to death with 5 others recovered while in critical condition.

It’s a black eye to Florida.  And a black eye to the racing industry at the remaining 23 tracks.

If a track owner admits the industry is dying, if videos of injuries aren’t proof and if Ebro was not proof, what is needed to end this senseless travesty to the greyhounds.

Please take a strong stand.  Decouple live racing from your casinos.  And give a greyhound a life.

I applaud Carey Theil for his participation and GREY2K USA’s efforts and their contribution to this I-Team report.
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