Sunday, March 13, 2011

Humans. Can’t quite figure them out…

Perhaps I just don’t understand people.  In Missouri, the senate has voted to overturn Proposition B, aka the Puppy Mill Law, aka SB 113.  They felt we were mislead and didn’t understand the initiative as stated.

I have blogged on this topic before, so I won’t bore.  But really.  I do not appreciate the implication that I am an uneducated fool who cannot decipher the initiative..

I do understand the bill as written.  Stripping out the “adequate cage size”, the “adequate water” and the “adequate food”, among others, is ludicrous.  All about the money.

Then, a beautiful handful of a greyhound, who was adopted out, was returned.  He bit the male authority figure.  He’s not a mean dog at all, by the way.  Just rambunctious and in need of authority.

Well, not knowing the facts, I can only offer my experiences.

Berry was 6 ½ when I adopted her.  She anointed a 4 month old expensive carpet – numerous times to the point it is ruined.  She nipped me quite a few times while I tried to dress injuries from being a dog.

Did I ever, in 6 years, think of returning her?  Never!  I made a commitment as an adoptive parent to care for her, to give her a loving home and to make her remaining years the best years of her life.  The commitment I made meant through thick and thin. 

Thick arrived at the end of her earthly presence.  I dealt with poopy potty pads and urine stained hardwood floors.  2 destroyed orthopedic beds. 

Through thick and thin.  You agree to love them and care for them, then that is what you do.

And I was blessed.

I just don’t get people.

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