Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Big Dog News Week

We’ve had some ups and downs this week with bettering the treatment of the racing greyhounds and the Missouri Puppy Mill pups.

The down news is the Missouri Senate decided we voters were misinformed and were incapable of understanding the proposition as written.  They approved a repeal that must still go to the House and Governor.  I won’t go on about this as I have before already.  But I will say those elected officials know my stance via letters and emails.

Better news in the week though.  The Up News.

#1 – Huge news in Ireland.  Newbridge Greyhound Stadium to close.  The reduction in attendance and race sponsorship facilitated this. There were talks with Bord na gCon , but no means of keeping the facility open were found.

#2  - Closer to home in the US. 

#2a – From St. Petersburg Times. The Senate Regulated Industries Committee in Florida have removed the allowance for race tracks to keep their card games and video gambling without having to support the racing.  Something the track owners favor, but of course breeders and trainers do not.

#2b – From Palm Beach Post. (Rather than paraphrase the article, I’ll just post, since source is acknowledged.) “The bill (SB 1594), sponsored by Sen. Maria Sachs, D-Delray Beach, would do away with the 15-year-old live-racing requirement in an effort to keep the tracks afloat as their revenues and attendance declines.
"Greyhound racing is a dying industry in this state," Sachs said before the 7-5 vote…”

“…But interest in the sport has nearly disappeared, and reports about mistreatment of the dogs have changed the public's view of racing, said Grey2K USA executive director Carey Theil.

"The world has changed," said Theil. "The gambling world is moving away from live racing toward other forms and there's a huge cultural shift in how we view animal issues generally."”

“…"I've seen first-hand. No one watches the dog races any more. So they're making them run races that no one's watching or I guess even betting on," Haridopolos, R-Merritt Island, said.”

Making them run.  No one is watching or betting, but still making them run.  Risking injury or death as a result of injury.  And keeping them caged.  “Caged” will always be associated with Ebro in my mind. 

Enough said.  Sad news coming out of Missouri because of special interests, but huge leaps and bounds being made toward finally decoupling greyhound racing in Florida from the casinos/gambling venues.

And incredible news out of Ireland.

For the long-legged couch potatoes, we have you covered.  You have some wonderful people working on your behalf Grey Angels.

For our MO puppy mill dogs, we can take a page from GREY2K USA and just keep going. 

What a week.  Down then up.  But when you a love a dog for life, you love them for life.  And sometimes fighting on their behalf goes beyond their physical presence, but far beyond for the others.

I do it for those gone and those here and in trouble and those yet to come.

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