Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Garlic Dave - This Is For You

A friend of mine has a blog here.  Berry’s Aunt Jen (  Gift giver of Berry’s bling.

Reading Jen’s blog is sad at times, joyful at others.  But sometimes, so many lose their lives before they ever get a chance at life.  Garlic Dave never saw his second birthday.  That is sad.

I started thinking about it.  I thought about the wonderful life my Berry had, adopted at age 6 ½.  How she ever escaped the end most meet I don’t know.  But I am thankful she did.  And thank you MI REGAP and Kim and Court.  A life of love, of huge dog beds, of food galore and the most excellent vet care.  Babysitters, Christmas presents, walks, and romps in the yard.  Something Garlic Dave and the others didn’t live to see. 

The blogs are sad to one who loves the greyhounds.

But.  In reading these blogs, I have to wonder at man’s greed and cold-bloodedness.  Those who run the industry know it is failing.  And it is failing badly.  Instead of folding graciously, they vigorously attack.

They spread misinformation about the wonderful conditions the dogs live in (compared once to a “condo”, please…), attack good people trying to help the greyhounds, and live in a state of denial about their actions. 

With this economy, gaming and betting are not terribly high on a person’s list of things to do.  Pay the mortgage/rent, pay the utilities and stock the fridge.  Or place a frivolous bet on a gentle dog who may die on the track.

With televised video supporting the inhumane conditions, news reports of starvation, proven facts of track fatalities they want to conveniently overlook. 

It’s time for them to fold their house of cards. 


Valarie Wolf said...

Just got through reading your posts. This is a beautiful Blog, Nancy!

Nancy said...

Thanks, Val! She was a beautiful girl and it's only right to do something beautiful for her.

She inspired it all for me anyway. For that treasure? I think a mom needs to pipe up.

Thanks for reading through them. They're not great. Just from the heart.

Tori said...

Keep writing Nancy; I always look forward to reading your blog!

Garlic Dave's story saddened me even more than most. My Coco's racing name was Garlic Natalie. You can be sure I gave her extra hugs and treats last night just because....

Nancy said...

Thanks, Tori!

Wow. Garlic Natalie? Perhaps there is a relationship. Coco deserved the extra hugs and treats. As you said, just because...

Big hug from me, Coco.

gary said...

I looked up Garlic Dave up on Greyhound Data. He and Coco had the same owner: Robert Whitlock. Quite the guy, that Bob.

Nancy said...

Whoa. Wow, Gary. Perhaps someone I could check in to.

We have a link with Berry. And now a lovely greyhound I never met.

I am very happy I gave Garlic Dave a small tribute.

With your permission, I do want to research this. Thanks, Gary!

And more fodder for another blog, if you don't mind.

Tori said...
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Tori said...

Oops! The post from Gary was really from me, Tori. My husband, Gary, was signed into his gmail account on our computer and I didn't notice that his name appeared when I posted the comment. I'm sorry for the confusion.
Now, you're probably wondering why I deleted my post from just a few minutes ago........typos, that's why!

Nancy said...

LOL! Ok, that was pretty funny! I wondered why Gary was reading anything I wrote. Or even comment on it!

It's ok. I'm still going to post a followup to the "Garlics". Your Coco deserves it.

And yes, I'm still giggling. And thank Gary anyway. Just for the heck of it. ;-)