Friday, January 28, 2011

Nothing makes me happier on a Friday than to sit down and read of some wonderful blogs.  Especially the blogs about the greyhounds.  They’re pretty special to me.

Tonight I read blogs about those who tragically lost an opportunity at a happy home because they lost too many races. 

I read about those who lost the opportunity at a happy home because they were injured at the track and euthanized on the spot.

But best of all, I read information being disseminated about legislation being brought before government and voters in AZ to end the racing. 

And I read of the legislation to end the simulcast (a means around the ban of live racing) in PA.

It’s a sad, tragic world the racing greyhounds live in.  My Berry was a result of that.  Her prior life did not treat her kindly.

That is why we do what we do.  To make up for the ills visited upon them and make their final years ones of joy. 

And to make certain, no others suffer that fate.

Thanks, friends, who do what you do.

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