Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Small Victory And Giant Leap Forward For The AZ Greyhounds

Wonderful news today!

All of the wonderful, dedicated efforts by the greyhound advocacy group GREY2K USA have resulted in a bill being brought before legislature.  A bill that will finally cut the umbilical cord between the casinos and the forced greyhound racing.  A cord that tied the greyhounds to a miserable life with little hope.

Legislation has been filed to bring dog racing to an end at Tucson Greyhound Park!
House Bill 2536, sponsored by Republican Representative Vic Williams, changes the state's racing law to remove the requirement that TGP offer live racing.  That's right, the track could remain open for other forms of gambling but greyhounds would no longer run around in circles at the facility or live in tiny cages at the compound. 

It is a beautiful day in that this is a giant step forward, a move in the right direction.

For far too long, these graceful beings have been subjected to misery, unable to escape on their own other than few adoptions and far too many euthanasia cases.  And all at a terribly young age.

Yes, this is wonderful news.

Little by little, bit by bit, the bricks of a dying industry are crumbling.

I couldn’t be happier to see it end.  For Berry.  And for all the Berry’s before her who never escaped and all the Berry’s still locked in the cages.

Beautiful new hope for a new day.

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