Sunday, June 9, 2013

When Friends Leave

I’ve been emotional, despite the analytical brain.  I do have a heart (apparently from prior posts.)  But also opinionated.

I’ve read on Facebook recently of friends losing their beloved kids.  And of those facing that decision.
I’ve gone through the devastating heartbreak so many times.  It’s a forever hurt.

My heart breaks for them all and I do shed tears.  Yep, me.  Tough girl ain’t so much.

They are supposed to live forever.  Or as long as we do.  That’s the deal.  I knew I should have a paw print on that damn contract....
My dream?  The racers quit racing, the luring ends, Spain stops torturing the dogs and the dog fighting is illegal with prison time sentences and people stop buying.

There is a forever love in your life, just waiting for a home in a rescue.

Sophia Pia, we’ve not met, but I love you and shed tears.  Enjoy your journey. 

The journey will live forever in your parents’ souls.

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