Friday, June 21, 2013

Kudos to AZ and Congratulations!!

I would like to give a huge shout out and thumbs up to AZ Gov. Jan Brewer for signing, into law, Senate Bill 1146 requiring the AZ dog tracks to begin injury reporting!

It is about time there is some sort of accountability in this loosely “regulated” industry.  For too long, TGP, specifically, has thumbed its nose at convention and responsibility.

Let’s never forget the quack vet, circumventing the ban on steroids to shoot the females up elsewhere.  Quack long tossed aside his veterinarians oath.  And the oaf running the show.

I’ve learned that years ago (this from an AZ long-time resident)

injury report forms were pretty accurate, with schematic of the track oval where the trainer would indicate where the injury occurred, and space for the type of injury to be identified (including death), and with space for trainer/kennel operator comments.”

Wow, have times changed!  Deaths go unreported.  Injuries are minimalized.


“Pulled Up”

“Fell Back”

“Did Not Finish”


Or any number of non-specific comments or none at all  Be honest, novel idea, or get out of the business.

Let’s hope, for the greyhounds’ sake, true honest reporting begins.

To help that along, AZ needs to do some house-cleaning at ADOR and TGP.  The "good ol' boys club" mentality does not help the greyhounds.

Super job to those unnamed.  This is incredibly past due!!!

Kids say "High Paws!:

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