Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Greyhound Racing – a Simple Vote

Naplesnews is conducting an online vote.  Rather ridiculous and not remotely impartial, since multiple votes are counted from one computer.

I read the comments, as always.  They always degenerate into name-calling and mud-slinging by the pro-racing folks.

No matter the facts presented, they consistently counter back with personal attacks.  It reaches the point of foolishness. 

It is pathetic, but that is a true representation of the industry.  Pathetic.  They (PRs) attack verbally as their cushiony world crumbles.  Given the content of the comments, I question the education the blood of the greyhounds gave them. 

My message.  Run, yell and call names all you want.  I’ll take your castoffs as I have in the past.  Dee was pulled before being sent to Ebro.  Even some trainers know the evil in the industry.

Some day, you will have to earn a real living and discover you have no skills.  Other than sucking the life out of another.

Good night, Irene. 

Right kids?

This is what a greyhound wants.  This is what a greyhound loves.  Not racing around a track.  Not chasing a mechanical lure.

Simply this.

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