Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2012 Is Knocking With Bright Promise for the Greyhounds

This promises to be a better year for the greyhounds in Florida.  I just have a good feeling.

GREY2K USA re-filed a joint greyhound bill with dog track owners to introduce decoupling legislation.  It is logical legislation.  So logical, the casino/track owners support it.

I think, speaking as a small cog in free market America, it makes utter sense.  And I’m not certain where it does not make sense to some people.  This is the basis on which the U.S. is built…  Free enterprise.

The squeakiest, loudest wheels are the breeders, greyhound owners and trainers.  They say they are successful.  They say they are still bringing in the crowds.  They claim popularity is growing.  Well, they claim a lot of other nonsense too…

If that is true, then they should have no worries about decoupling.  This just gives the casino owners the right to keep or cancel.  If greyhound racing is that wildly successful, as they claim, then they will be able to thumb their noses in our faces, won’t they?  Well, won’t they??  That would certainly give them pleasure, huh.

What I think is more likely is that fact that interest is waning in watching dogs run in a circle and risk limb and life.  The industry is a squeaking wheel because their umbilical cord may be cut.  As long as the current requirement exists, they have a guaranteed income.  Decouple, they have to stand on their own two feet.  Much as every other business in the US does.

They won’t be able to and they know it.   Despite their posturing.

Please support HB 641/SB 382.  Let the industry sink or swim on its own merits.  Or lack thereof.

Give them a chance for a home.  And a life.

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