Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Greyhound and Mix Breed Calendar Cuties – Good Year After All

It’s not year-end, so it is not truly refection time.  And I probably won’t post one anyway.  But it had its lowest lows and awesome highs.

The lowest lows you who have read these posts know.  In a short half year I lost my precious greyhound, Berry at age 12 ½ .  And after adopting a companion for Schemie, I lost him at age 15.  Those were my lows.  Those lows crushed me.


Enter my new highs.  My aggravations with the churned up turf that used to be a yard, the refusal to walk stairs, one won’t do tile floor, neither will get into the van. 

Sickly, that makes me chuckle.  I brought in two rescued greys full of vim and vigor and life!  Certainly not seniors who are complacent by any means!  And I love it.  They are my high.

Oh.  The calendar(s).  I was getting there.  Really.

Most of you know I entered all of my greyhounds in GREY2K USA’s calendar contest.  BerBer, DeeDee and Craigie.  Quite a few photos.  Actually to the point that one was selected in a small picture.  I think that was a pity vote, but I'll take it!  My Ber made the calendar and after her traumatic past, she deserved some limelight.

Then ABQ PetCare had a “Smile” contest.  Well, I had a couple of those in my house.  Schemie was the happiest baby I ever saw.  Craigie is naturally happy/dorky.

So I submitted mine and then discovered the prizes are for ABQ residents.  I requested removal because St. Louis, MO doesn’t qualify as all that close to N.M last time I checked.  They never did answer or remove me.

Many thanks to many people, both Schemie and Criagie won!  I emailed the coordinator who emailed me and again offered to disqualify myself. 

They are keeping both my boys on the calendar and so I donate my prizes and event invitations to Greyhound Companions of New Mexico.

And wonderful of wonderful, both Calypso and Sunshine made it!!

Thank you, everyone!

This is a high – a big high.  Maybe nothing I ever did personally.  Except have some awesome kids in my live.  Still, this is a high.  Now I have new calendars to buy.  Man, I love it...

To see all the winners, it’s at ABQ PetCare.

There have been lows this year, but luckily I’ve had some good highs.  But, you know the ultimate high is not personal gain, but how I can help.  Berry may have started me on this path, but the others have cheered me on the rest of the way.

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