Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Away From My Greyhounds

I am close to a point where I may just cry.  In two weeks, I leave my new rescues to go see my Daddy in Florida.

I couldn’t say no to him.  He’s been my world for 50+ years.

But newbies.  Ahhh…  precious little puppers.  It hurts to leave them.  They won't understand my absence the way the others did.  This is their first. 

My friends will baby-sit them.  They were Berry’s foster parents, so I know my loves will be in the best, most gentle hands.

I warned them that nothing can be on the floor or it will be in Craigie’s mouth.  And tI asked if they could teach them stairs (they've had practice, including my Berry).  I’m getting the beds and treats and muzzles and coats and leashes ready.  I am a mama grey, frettying crazily over her kids..

Walking out of that house will rip my heart out.  I will sit in the van and tears will flow. 

Little angels, we’ll have our own Christmas when I get home.  I promise.

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