Saturday, November 5, 2011

What New Houndies Mean

I will speak ad nauseam about adopting a rescue.  Mine happen to be greyhounds.  I cannot speak highly enough about them and will not.  Y’all know how I feel.

What new houndies mean.  Losing both Berry and Schemie this year, 6 months apart, was so hard.  I mourn their absence from my life now. 

But when I get sad, or a tad down, I see a couple of new houndies, lounging on a dog bed, the rug or the couch. 

I see contented faces.  I see full bellies.  I see joy over a new stuffie.  Or the ridiculously joyous welcome after a trip to the store.  And I see a bundle of skirming energy hopping on the bed to waken me.  And I see a bond form between the two of them that just amazes me.

As an adopter, it is true what is said. Each brings something new to your life.  Neither of these are Schemie or Berry.  But they are Craigie and DeeDee.  Unique.  Different.  Loving. 

Losing a love, especially two, is difficult.  But the love they teach us makes us love the new ones just as much.  Maybe more.  But in a different way.

I marvel at my new kids.  And completely adore them. 

They are not Berry and Schemie.  They are DeeDee and Craigie.  Both awesome in their very existence.

Life is just beautiful.  For them.  And for me.  I'm a lucky girl!

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