Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sometimes, You Just Have to Wonder

I have comment moderation on this post because of nonsensical robo-postings.

Recently, I had a comment posted containing a link that actually made me giggle, because of the absurdity of its appearance.  It may have been a robo, programmed on the word “greyhound”, but may have actually been a real, live, sad soul, gambler on greyhound racing.  I let it go through.

Greyhounds racing dog are made to chase a prey in competition with each other. Greyhound races are one of the most popular events to place your bet on and it usually incorporates a variety of dog races

Since the link references pounds, it is not “local”, i.e. US. 

“One of the most popular events to place your bet…”.  Popularity is dying in the U.S.  Far more quickly than the owners, trainers and lobbyists wish.  But it is dying.  Its popularity as a fun event to bet is fizzling elsewhere too. 

Apparently, this Lawrence Engel is a robo-poster or an utter fool.  Not every post in my blog is related to the greyhounds, but I thought I made my stance clear.

(Sometimes, you just have to wonder.)

If not, then here it is, for the ones who land on this blog. 

I am opposed to greyhound racing.  Its reckless endangerment of the greyhounds is beyond irresponsible.  The long caging, in wire dwellings far too small for them, is inhumane.  The lack of interpersonal interaction with humans is tragic.

I have 2 new greyhounds.  Not long off the track.  

Adult dogs, aged 4 and 6, who don’t understand the concept of stairs??  I raised Schem from a puppy.  He picked them up in no time at all.  He wanted up and he figured it out.

Perhaps it goes back to living your formative years locked in a cage.  And never treated as a beloved PET.  Just a money-maker.  That instinct has been suppressed to learn anything other what the trainers want (run fast).  Learning basic home behavior?  Well, it wouldn't benefit their racing career, so why bother, huh.

Dee and Craigie?  Think the Lawrence Engels of the world know where I stand now?


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