Sunday, April 17, 2011

Decoupling Bills in FL Senate and House

It has been interesting reading about the progress of SB 1594, which a senate committee approved.  And let’s not forget about HB 1145, which a house committee approved 21-2.

It appears most are on the same page as the legislators.  Why are we propping up a dying industry?  Why are we subsidizing racing when it is costing the state millions in tax revenue and track owners in profit.

Ironically, the track owners favor decoupling.  They are losing money by being forced to hold races.

The most outspoken ones against the bills are the breeders.  They have a stake in this.  They live on an embilical cord, sponsored by the state.

What strikes me oddest, and most telling, is the vocal, often vicious and distasteful comments they post anywhere anyone can read them.

“Class” is not money, nor how loud you protest your removal of a lifeline.  Class is how you live your life, your actions and what you contribute.

I doubt most breeders understand that.  They are only looking at their loss of a security blanket.

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