Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Presidential Medal of Freedom

Something nice about my contract ending was being able to watch the ceremony presenting the Presidential Medal of Freedom award to 15 deserving individuals, one, unfortunately, posthumously (Dr. Thomas Little). 

For St. Louis, it was a big day.  Although not a baseball fan, one of their favorite “sons”, Stan “The Man” Musial received this honored award.  Another St. Louis native, poet laureate and author, Dr. Maya Angelou, received this honored award.

It was a very touching ceremony and I am happy to have the opportunity to witness it.  And many congratulations to them and the other honorees.

Veering somewhat, I found Obama’s comments for Musial interesting.  Stan Musial was the first baseball player to be offered $100,000 to play baseball.  Stan ended up asking for a pay cut because he was not performing to his perceived potential.

What I found rather comical was Obama’s quip: We would see that today <insert comical sarcasm>.

Hmmm.  Look at the St. Louis Cardinals.  In a contract negotiation standstill with one Albert Pujols.   Pujols turned down one contract and is holding out for $30 million dollars per year for a guaranteed 10 years.

Really?  For playing baseball.  Oh, that’s right.  For a World Series.  How fleeting and of little social benefit.

Purpose of this blog?  Primarily to send kudos to the honorees.  But also to vent about prima donnas.  Aren’t there better causes that could be supported with this kind of money than some baseball player that most likely won’t play that well for 10 years? 

As I mentioned, I am not a baseball fan.  So I just don’t get it.

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