Saturday, February 12, 2011

Almost, But Not Quite

I thought I found the “right one”.  She has the looks, she has the personality and, best of all, she has “The Ears”.

I’m a sucker for goofy ears.  Berry’s both pointed to the left.  Quirky, goofy, adorable.

The “right one” was one I fell in love with after watching a news clip from Fox Philly where NGAP spoke of the greyhounds.  After watching that clip, I had to research their organization.  Wonderful testament to those dedicated ending the racing.  Kudos to David Wolf and the work they do!

On the available hounds search, I found her.  The “right” one is in Philly and I’m in St. Louis.  Logistics don’t make it possible.

It’s very sad.  She would have had a great life.  Or a greyt life.  Her quirkiness?  Both ears pointed to the right.  From what I can tell, Berry’s opposite. 

She’ll be ok.  And so will I.  My heart is open to a new love.  We all will be ok.

Little Surf, I hope you find your forever home soon.  You will still have your greyt life!

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