Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Litany Continues - Define Love

I am, admittedly, anti-racing.  I am not quiet about it and won’t be quiet.

Please can you explain this “love” felt for these dogs?

Sanford Orlando Kennel Club.  Ah, the home of another dog’s demise?  (we love our dogs)  The reviews on this FB page..  Great fun!  The emphasis is on the dogs…  It seems like the wrong emphasis…  I have to wonder if the ones who feed them this would eat it?  Nah, they’re just dogs…

Recently a dog, being hauled from Florida to Iowa, same route my girl took, escaped.  Proud.  His shared post  of 20 Grand if the dog is found and returned in original condition, like a piece of antique furniture on Ebay??

Forgive me if I don’t hope he is returned “in the original condition” as the creature requested in his reward.  Meaning, “I have money on him, intact, to race and stud for me”?  Better he finds a rescue.

Thinking back on how many escape haulers (we love our dogs) I wonder how carefully they treat these dogs who are nothing but money-makers to them.

Remember Freeway?  Fell out of the back of a hauler, thousands of dollars to repair him and nary a penny from the industry.  (we love our dogs).

How much are these gentle beings going to be subjected to until this industry is banned?  Every race they are risked. 

They are, apparently, fed poison (right Sandford Orland?).

They are shipped to other countries, China, Pakistan.  Not for the benefit of the dog but to eke one last buck off them until they are sent to die.  

Again, what is the definition of love.  Is it they are loved while they make money?  Loved when that last big paycheck for a dog put on export?  To a country with less welfare than yours?  Love when they are fed bad meat or starved (Ronnie Williams)?

The pro-racing meaning of love is far different than mine.  I feel bad for children if they have them…

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