Saturday, May 20, 2017

Why Does This Still Happen

(Quiet, but not dead (sorry PRs)…)

I’ve been following and supporting anti-racing for a number of years.  Not as long as others, but date me back to close to 20 years.

Little gains here and there, but overall the industry is so ingrained in the untouchable mentality and so deep in politicians’ pockets (or pick your spot), there can never be a “get out of jail card free” card for the greyhounds.

All the while industries in the US, AU, IE, UK, waltz forward, continuing what they have always done – which is abuse and put greyhounds in harm’s way and risk their lives, efforts to change that meet with lobbyists and the bought soulless. 

The industry deliberately uses them for a couple of quid or bucks.  And efforts to halt this run into obstacles.  The obstacles are not insurmountable, by any means.  But it will take time.

Yet the horror continues.

Why, after all the publicity, is Ireland still exporting greyhounds to the dog hell known as China?  There is only death there.  Death of a delicate dog.

Why, despite all the publicity of live-racing, are these loser trainers still killing dogs?    How does a trainer STARVE a dog to death??

And why on earth did this happen in Florida, where the US is supposed to be hard on animal abuse but is actually lame as hell?  

Ronnie Williams.Déjà vu

Sadly, learning doesn’t happen.  Time does not erase greed.  Time does not erase truly vile, uncaring soulless.

These dogs, if deemed worthy, are “trained” to run fast.  By nature, they are fast dogs but greed makes the desire to make them run faster.  Greed and inbreeding.  Those not good enough?  Cull those and breed some more and screw the genetics.  Oh, an osteo carrier?  Hmmm… does it run fast?

These dogs, those worthy, are kept in kennels at the tracks and race time, a muzzle strapped on and shoved into a small box at the start of the race.

And when no longer winning, depending on the country, shipped to death in China, given to blood draining universities or sent the hellhole tracks to end them.

So much time has passed one would think people would be more educated, maybe a little more kind.  It will never happen with those who know nothing else and not give up their misplaced glory and self-justification.  The well-being of the dogs so not matter to people like that.

Pack some sunscreen.  I think hell is very toasty…

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