Saturday, December 10, 2016

Greyhound or “Athlete”

Perspective.  From where one stands on the use of dogs.

Jack Cory, bought, pockets lined by those exploiting  greyhounds.

Hey, Jacko, these are not “racing greyhounds”. 

They are dogs who have existed long before your Neanderthal lineage.  Only those of your ilk chose to use them and shrug off their deaths.

They are NOT athletes nor are they racing creatures used for money making.
This is a DOG.

And this is a DOG.

And this is a DOG.

They are DOGS!
Attempting to justify injuries and criminal injections is a pathetic attempt at justifying the industry's existence.  

Trying to claim efforts to end the industry will result in the death of dogs, please explain the puppies culled who were never good enough, explain treatable injuries that resulted in a track side questionable vet euthanizing.

No justification for this industry.

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