Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Gotcha Day, Craigie Dillon!

Today is Craigie’s Gotcha Day.  The day my friend and I drove to meet Sally to pick him up in Terre Haute.  One year ago.

Craigie Dillion.  I met him once before, when I was looking for a new kid for Schemie.  DeeDee was the one who came home and never left.

Yes, I remember him.  A behemoth, enormous, energetic brindle 6 year old boy. 

I remember him throwing himself at the window of the office when one of the volunteers left.  Sitting in a chair, he looked far taller than me.  He was a bit unnerving.

I remember that now.  When I lost Schemie, I contacted Sally, if he’s there, he can come home with me.

What??  I forgot some of that which I remember now…

The big boy is here.  He is trouble.  He has excavated most of the backyard and chewed up shoes, a computer mouse or two, winter boots, well, anything not moving (thank God the cat still moves).

And he is beautiful.  And funny.  And so very loving and nuzzly.

I wish I had taken you sooner so that you would have had your forever sooner.

Dills, you goofy little boy, I adore you and am thrilled you are in my life.  (And I am so happy you realized you don't fit that way in the hall!) 

It is never dull with you, goose boy!  And I am so very blessed to have you here with me.  You make me smile and you make me laugh.

Happy Gotcha Day, baby.  I love you, little boy!


James said...

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Nancy said...

James, I thank you for the invite. I am honored.

My blog is about my greyhounds, all my pups and my kitty. The joy they bring, their insane antics, the utter devastation at the crossing of one.

But please don’t mistake it as that and that alone. I come down hard on the racing industry. I am, first and foremost, completely opposed to greyhound racing. I have 2 of their unwanted ones gracing my home right now. This blog is something Berry instilled in me. A voice, cathartic at times, but a voice for beloved friends.

I am not certain your members will appreciate some of my posts…

I thank you and leave that to your discretion.