Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Gotcha Day, Craigie Dillon!

Today is Craigie’s Gotcha Day.  The day my friend and I drove to meet Sally to pick him up in Terre Haute.  One year ago.

Craigie Dillion.  I met him once before, when I was looking for a new kid for Schemie.  DeeDee was the one who came home and never left.

Yes, I remember him.  A behemoth, enormous, energetic brindle 6 year old boy. 

I remember him throwing himself at the window of the office when one of the volunteers left.  Sitting in a chair, he looked far taller than me.  He was a bit unnerving.

I remember that now.  When I lost Schemie, I contacted Sally, if he’s there, he can come home with me.

What??  I forgot some of that which I remember now…

The big boy is here.  He is trouble.  He has excavated most of the backyard and chewed up shoes, a computer mouse or two, winter boots, well, anything not moving (thank God the cat still moves).

And he is beautiful.  And funny.  And so very loving and nuzzly.

I wish I had taken you sooner so that you would have had your forever sooner.

Dills, you goofy little boy, I adore you and am thrilled you are in my life.  (And I am so happy you realized you don't fit that way in the hall!) 

It is never dull with you, goose boy!  And I am so very blessed to have you here with me.  You make me smile and you make me laugh.

Happy Gotcha Day, baby.  I love you, little boy!

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