Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tonight, The Sky Cries

Today, my friend held her love to help him over the bridge.
I promised that tonight I would look for his shooting star as he crossed.

Instead, we have rain and thunder.  And I remembered.  Bittersweet, but remembered.
The morning after I lost the love of my life and my heart, I awakened to Steve Ray Vaughn’s ‘The Sky Is Crying’.  A rainy day and so fitting.

Ah, you can raise them from 10 weeks of age.  And hold them close for 15 years.  Or you can adopt the ones in need, the abused, as was Britty, or the unwanted bounceback, as was Berry.  Or new kids, 5 and 7 years of age.

There will never be enough years to encompass the love we have.  And there will never be a time when the heart does not break at a goodbye.
To my angels, and the angels in friends’ lives, thank you.  You have blessed us all by your presence and love.

They are the greatest gifts.  So, in tonight’s rain and thunder, I feel  tears, thundering paws and a wind’s whisper of you racing over the bridge.
Shooting stars live in our hearts.

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