Saturday, July 28, 2012

Greyhounds – It’s a Small World

Facebook can be a great way to connect or a fiasco with cruel people.  I’ve run into a few of the latter in the past.

But…I’ve met some wonderful greyhound people on Facebook.  Like minded hound lovers.

Recently, I’m discovering relatives of my dork, Craigie Dillon.  He’s a joy, he’s a terror in the yard and he’s just one happy 7 year old who never had a home.

On FB, my friend Linda Bryant and I discovered that her nutcase Flea is Craigie’s niece.  Go figure…

Then, my friend Lynn Bierhaus has a pupper who is fascinated by a speaker.  Tad of a dork.  Sure enough, his name is Craigie Whistler.

Tonight I hear that Lynn’s Rainy is a “Craigie dog”. 

I’m thinking it is not uncommon to come across “siblings” of a greyhound.  It just is uncommon for me to be friends with those who have them.
It's tragic the overbreeding the industry engages in.  It's all about greed and profit.  Stud them and bitch them out until they are of no use.  Assuming they leave a track.  It's lovely to know others have dorks, but very sad there are that many greyhounds whelped and so few located...  Greed...

Recently, one of my favorite rescues, Michigan REGAP brought in 15 or so dogs.  This was the group my beloved Berry rescued.  I browsed the new arrivals from a group who saves so many.  One caught my eye.  Name of Craigie Murphy. 

That name was enough for me to check him out.  Yep!  Craigie Dillon’s nephew!

If I lived closer, I’d be a permanent foster.  I pray he finds a great home.  I sent a link to him to my Berry's foster parents, Kim and Court.
Happy life, Craigie Murphy!!  You will find a greyt home!  And you will no longer run for profit.  So wish you could come here.

Happy trails, little one!

(Heaven help me!  He has goofy ears!!)

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