Friday, March 30, 2012

Grey Walk Gone Wild

I had a “close to the earth” experience today. It hurt, but I laughed. It happens…

Adopting a rescue always poses challenges. The unknown of their past life. The experiences they may have had.

With a rescued greyhound, the questions are compounded by knowing something of their former life and, with some, working to overcome some of those prejudices. Those prejudices, overall, are so minor when it comes down to it. To me, they are just things to work through. Like stairs…

One princess and one dork.

We’ve been walking to get them to focus. Just around the block. Baby steps. DeeDee is the perfect student. Until a truck goes by…

Craigie? I’m constantly leg-butting him. He wants to veer.

He’s on my right, he veers left. He’s on my left, he veers right. While it’s a great thigh exercise for me, he really needs to stop that. I’d like to keep a pace without a side dance…

Today is Friday! Instead of the block, it’s up to the park at the end of the street. A free day for him.
Long leashes and just wander. They know the park means just checking things out. No training today. Typically, they do spectacular on the long leash.

Today, we are up at the park, not a soul in sight except a dog in a fenced yard. Leashes long. We wander. One lags, I call them. The other lags, I call that one. Same as always…

Today there was one moment that wasn’t. Dee was lagging. As always, I said “come on, Dee”.

Who knew there was a rocket launcher in her butt?

Chasing nothing, she just wanted to expend some energy. Except for the minor detail we were still attached at my wrist…

Craigie, hanging out with me, rocket-ass charged past me, haunches pumping and I’m just there for there for the ride. I end up face down on the grass and the leash came off my wrist (better that than my wrist leaving my arm, I suppose).

Craigie never left me. Lying there on my belly, I shouted “DeeDee, no!”.

She trotted right back to me, stood by my face and still prone body and just waited for me to get up. Good girl, DeeDee! Just don't try to maim me next time.
Awesome recall, bug.
Was I mad? No. She was doing what she does. Run. Not race! Run. Just stretch her little legs a bit.
Once I dragged myself up, we ran through the park together. Not far, but a bit.

Adopting a rescue is the best thing you can do for them and for you. These two needed me and I needed them.

Thank God we found each other. My life has been blessed. With my angel dogs.
Thank you, pups.  And thank you, USA DOG.  I got the best.

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