Saturday, November 26, 2011

This Win Is For Schemie - Go Blue

Growing up in Big Ten territory, you have your passion.  I had mine, developed in a ‘burb of Columbus, Ohio.  Nope, not the Buckeyes.  I am Michigan, through and through.

So much so, my beloved Schemie was named after the legendary coach, Bo Schembechler.

Schemie spent 15 years listening to me cheer and yell.  He just loved it.  He’d jump and bark.  Berry, not so much.  She’d go hide.  She’d tolerate the mom-person, but was not impressed.

For 7 years straight, Michigan lost to Ohio state.  For 15 years Schemie cheered and barked, regardless the outcome.

New beginnings, sad endings.  Berry is gone.  Schemie is gone. 

New kids, DeeDee and Craigie have come home.

My first Michigan-OSU game without my boy.  Ever.  The first without the bouncing happy boy.  He understood The Game.  Newbies looked at me with wide eyes.  What the heck is with this person??

They’ll get it.  They settled after they realized mom was just plain silly, but harmless.  I have wonderful new angels.  They aren’t Schemie and they aren’t Berry. 

They are just Dee and Craigie.  Blessedly unique.  Utterly precious rescues.  And so patient with the mom. 

The game?  Michigan didn’t have it completely together, so I called out to Schemie.  And he nipped at their heels from over the Bridge. 

Michigan 40 – Ohio State 34.  Good job, Schemer.  This win was for you!

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