Sunday, September 11, 2011

Greyhound Racing

As most know, I am opposed this purported “sport”.  Looking at my sleeping greyhounds, one on the living room floor and one on the couch, I just will never support nor believe in it.

So many conflicting stories, so many sides.  Each claiming they know the right thing.

The right thing is the long-leggeds needlenoses are dogs.  And that’s what they want to be.  Just dogs.

I was told this was a business.  So, that means they are a money-making commodity?  Not in my book.  Ever.  Get a desk job or something other than this life.

They love to run, so the claptrap about that is what they love is nonsense.  They were trained, by humans, to chase a mechanical lure, risking injury.  Yes, they love to run.  As I witness every day.  No lure, just a back yard.  Being dogs.

These are not products nor commodities nor a retirement benefit.  These are dogs.  DOGS.  Nothing more and nothing less.

Enough.  Let them be dogs…

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